What is the Twin Flame Journey REALLY about?

A few days ago, i came across several comments on different facebook groups, or even under some YouTube videos, where i saw many people believing that the Twin Flame journey was a one about obsessing over the person we believe/know to be our Twin Flame.

However, the Twin Flame journey is nothing of the sort. It is actually a journey of self-discovery and self-love. It is a journey meant to awaken us to love ourselves unconditionally, by healing ourselves from all those places within us that aren’t aligned with love.

Ultimately, the Twin Flame journey is a spiritual one. It is the path to our ascension to our authentic state of being, which is of and from love. Is about our coming back to the truth of who we are as Divine Children of God. Is about remembering our union with the Divine, with Life, with Love, with God.

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