Twin Flames: why were they created?

You may be wondering how come Twin Flames came to be.

Well, there isn’t a better way to explain it than how my Spiritual Teachers have put it down for all of us. So here’s the explanation, directly channelled by them from Divine Mother:

So, what is a Twin Flame? Twin Flames are manifestations of Divine Mother’s desire for harmony and balance in the universe. When She began creating souls, She started by creating them individually as a single, complete being. She allowed them to explore the diversity of contrast throughout this magnificent universe. After a time She saw that the diversity was so great that many beings were unable to relate to each other in a way which was as connected as they were desiring. So She began creating beings with perfect counterparts, beings who would – through all the moments in their eternal existence – always have at least one other being who is most essentially like themselves in every way.

 When Divine Mother saw these Twin Flames were enjoying delicious life experience together, She decided to allow them to become separate in physical reality as they manifested bodies. This allows Twins to experience themselves as individual parts of one being, which was really just itself in two bodies.

 The Twin Flame experience is one being with complementary parts which decide to manifest into different bodies together as itself in one unified relationship.”*

As you can see, the connection between Twins comes form Oneness, and by experiencing themselves separated from one another under the illusion of separation consciousness, they meeting up in this lifetime is designed to set each one of us into our aligning ourselves with Unconditional Loveagain, which is God. The Twin Flame journey is, then, a path back to our oneness with God/Life/creation.


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