Are they my True Twin Flame?

A lot can be found out there on how to find out if the person by your side is, or not, your True Twin Flame.

There are, of course, a list of assets or aspects that can give you an idea, but truth is you only know in your heart of hearts if that special someone is actually your (true) Twin Flame.

Nontheless, here is a check list, first run by my beloved spiritual teachers Jeff and Shaleia Ayan, from whom i’ve learned a great deal about Twin Flames ;)

Signs that special someone IS your true Twin Flame:

  • You share the same core values. This is not a matter of sharing the same taste in music or favourite food. Your core values are the things that you hold dear in your heart. For example, you both are very interested in experiencing different places and their cultures. Even if the value is expressed in a different way by each of you, you both will be drawn to the same things, that are important to you both. Another example can be: your relationship with art, music, healthy habits, or even your desires to become entrepeneures.

  • Both your visions for your life match up perfectly, and both visions intertwine: they naturally come together. Your desires for the things you each would love to do with your life, in a deep level will line up like pieces of the same puzzle. The more you discuss this topic with your Twin, you´ll discover your visions do not conflict, but match each other´s perfectly.

  • Each time you honestly SEE what you want, you´ll know they are IT. you’ll find them at your heart space each time you look within, at what you desire deep within.

  • They will continously reveal themselves as your perfect, 100% complement, at every turn.

  • Your spiritual path points directly to them, and never in an opposite way.

  • They will point you back to yourself and God, every-single-time.

  • You will notice that you actually don’t fall in love with your Twin, but you find it is a process of rememberance of the love you always held for your him/her in your heart. And, as you progress in your journey, that love only deepens more and more, uncovering the deeper love that is always there. You will notice this is what you have been seeking your whole life.

  • Your intimacy is on point 100%. It is always what you needed, exaclty how you neeeded it. It’s perfect at each moment, regardless if it is to show you a block, have an intense and emotional encounter, or just some quick steamy moment.

  • Your life paths match up perfectly when you -genuinely- choose to be together. Again, everything will align perfectly.

  • You continuously choose your Twin, for they are genuinely unable to reveal themselves as anything BUT your True Twin Flame.

  • You naturally grow together, and never stop. Because you are one at the core, you always choose as one, regardless if it looks different on the outside.

  • You are best friends instantly. It’s natural to be around each other, and the comfort you feel with one another finds no match, not even with your relatives or a 20 year long friendship.

  • The love you share is amazing, and the relationship is perfectly balanced. Neither of you is the “more awakened one” nor is “further” in your journey, you both meet at the same level, always.

  • They mirror everything within you. When you honestly look at what upstes you, whether you are in touch with your twin or not, you will find them pointing you to where you are not aligned with Truth and Love.

    When going through this check list, remember to always be true to yourself and what/how you feel about yourself, and who you pressume is your True Twin Flame.

    When you realise this list actually applies at each turn, then you can safely say you have found your True Twin :)

If you alredy met your Twin Flame or are ready to meet him/her, and want to start this journey with the right foot, you can always check the resources available for you here, or even book a free consultation to get you started with the support you need:

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