Free tool! - The mirror excercise

There is a Law that woks like a magnet. This law is the Law of Attraction. It explains how our reality is created upon our core choices, and it has alredy been proven by Psychology- as within, so without. 

This law brings out the importance of the choices we make, and even more so, the standpoint from which we make our choices, as whatever belief system we hold in your thoughts will ultimately translate in the situations we will find ourselves surrounded by on our everyday life.

This is why the Mirror Excercise presented here is so important. It will allow us to quickly tap into our hearts and find what our root belifs are, giving us the chance to make new choices in the places where, without us even realising it, we have created a false belief about ourselves.

So, without further adue, i introduce to you the Mirror Excercise, as i´ve learned it from my Teachers Jeff and Shaleia Ayan.

1. Identify what is upseting you.
Example: "my sister annoys me everytime she doesn’t let me talk".
2. Change the pronouns so that they point at you:
"I annoy myself everytime i don’t let myself tallk".
3. Ask yourself if this statement holds any truth, even if it is partially, somewhere in our lives.
"Yes, i guess it’s true, as i don’t allow myself to express my thoughts and feeling whenever i have an argument with someone".
4. Ask that part what it needs to feel better/loved right here and right now, and give it to yourself (could be something like in the example, or just love, or a hug).
Example: to feel heard. 

Once you have completed all the steps, check with yourself, how do you feel now?
Do you feel better, or there is still some resistance? If you alredy feel better, stay present with that peace or calm feeling until is disolved. But, if you felt some resistance, you can always repeat steps 3; 4 until you feel the resistance and the “bad” feeling is gone.

Hope you find it as useful as i have.

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