What is a Twin Flame - Introduction

A Twin Flame is your ultimate Teacher, Friend, Lover and Partner, all together at once. It’s someone just like you, yet complements you perfectly. It’ss also your perfect mirror, which means, your Twin can actually help you discover things about yourself you might not even know they existed.

How is it possible that just this one person, in the whole wide world, could "fit" all this just for you? You may be wondering.

Truth is, Life, Creation, the Universe, God (whatever you would like to call this creative force behind all things) created Twin Flames due to a vast number of souls crying for their perfect eternal companion throughout this and all remaining lifetimes, after having experienced huge contrasts throughout their previous lifes. 

The Union between Twin Flames is so divinely balanced, that the desicions and actions held by one of the Twins has an impact on the other Twin’s life, as they are actually one consciousness that experience life in two different bodies. Two lives, to bodies, one soul. Separation isn't actually there, as an illusion we still hold in our vibration, for in Truth we are all One with our Creator.

Ultimatley, the Twin Flame journey is the gateway for you to connect with yourself, to Love and Truth, and Life (or God), allowing you to create the life you always dreamed of for yourself. A life you love to live. 

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