Divine Health Report + 1 Healing sessions (1 hour)

Divine Health Report + 1 Healing sessions (1 hour)


Biodecodification is the study of symptoms and diseases from an emotional point of view.
Sometimes by not manifesting an emotion, the body finds a way to balance it whithin, erupting as a sickness or disease. By tapping into the correlation between diseases and emotions, you can find yet another way to deal with it and heal it.

As a bonus, you get a channeled message from the Angels just for you.

* Withinh 5 bussiness days you will be receiving the report, based on the information provided by you. This report will be sent to the email address given at the moment of your purchase.

+ 1 healing sessions (1 hour) to work through the emotional blocks shown through this report.

All sales final. Non-refundable. All intellectual property owned by Deborah Bassow.  All rights reserved.

*** Disclaimer: by no means this report replaces a medical diagnosis. Consulting with your doctor is, and should be, always the best option. This is only a tool to discover what can lay behind symptoms, and add information to it.***

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