Looking instead of avoiding

I want to share about a healing I was doing a while ago.

Often times I end up waking in the middle of the night, and some time ago, I chose to remain as present as I could with myself without me falling asleep in the process. So, I started tapping into my heart space and there it was, the block I'd rather not look in the face: my upsets with my biological sister. I`ve never had a good relationship with her and growing up we would spend most of the time arguing and fighting. She has been the person I’d spent most of my life hating. But if there's something I've learned on this journey is that it's impossible to run away from stuff like this, especially when you want to heal yourself completely. So lat that moment I made a different choice, I chose to look at this hate I've been feeling towards her for +30 years. And my God, how freeing this desition was!

The inner work guided me to this feeling where I’d feel as she was in the way between me and my parent's love (something I actually felt my whole life). When doing the steps of the Mirror Excercise, this meant I was upset at myself because I felt I was in between me and God's Love (God = my Divine Parent), that someone or something could prevent me from my connection with God. I had been believing something outside of me could sever the bond I share with my Creator, which in Truth, such Union is, in fact, unshakable and unbreakable. My false belief was the one in my way, and I had been feeding it for far too long.

It was SOOOOO relieving to find the Truth after all this time, and most importantly, to finally let the lie go! 
After bringing love to this part of me while releasing the old, something new came up around this newfound realization, which I could now easily release. In that space I chose to take the chance to go deeper and "clean up the mess" of this false belief that the outside can have any influence and also, that Love comes from outside of me. Yet I still felt reluctant to assist my sister with her upset in that healing space we were in. When tapping into it, I was brought back into this time in which she and who's now my biological mom, the 3 of us were sisters and I was the one taking care of them in this co-dependent relationship. I chose to heal that too, releasing them to God and choosing to free myself from all of it. Letting go of them felt amazingly peaceful. It helped me understand better why the dynamic with them has been the way it has been, and how this can actually become a closed chapter in my "karma", and -hopefully- in theirs too.

I wanted to share this here because I want to show, the best I can, how it pays off when you choose to face your demons and actually venture into the places you would rather not go to. I still remember my first session ever with one of my beloved friends from Twin Flames Universe, in which she had pointed me in this direction and inviting me to not let me run away from it. Another one of my friends also helped greatly in healing blocks around this relationship with my sister and my parents. Without these friends, nor any of this work, I don't think I would have been able to come to that place and actually heal a deeper layer of what then became one of my core upsets I actually got to heal through MAP

So if there is something on this post for those reading it would be this: do not run away from your darkest feelings, face them head-on, claim your power back and choose to put an end to the patterns that are there. Choose to truly be free from them, you sooo can do it! And it is your birthright too!
If you are uncertain, or afraid, choose to invest in a coach to help you through, the peace you'll find on that other side will ALWAYS be worth the money you invest in getting the appropriate help to heal on this journey.

Are you ready to deepen your relationship with Life? Are you ready to heal your relationship with Love? Then claim your free consultation! Choose to allow yourself to receive the love that’s been here for you all along, and that is waiting for you to claim it!

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