Reality is but a mirror

It’s been a while since i last updated on my journey.

A lot has been coming up internally in the last couple of months, and i realise now that keeping up with it all in a post would be almost impossible, for there are many details to my story (as there would be to yours), and describing them all would be almost absurd to read. But, what i can write about is how life (God) is perfectly orchestrating everything for each and every one of us.

I have been working on getting clearer and clearer about who i am and what i want.

For a long time, and more specially since i commited myself to the spiritual journey, i have been feeling unsopported, because my reality, on the outside, wasn’t looking in a particular way: my way.

Being unemployed for over a year and a half now, has had me in this loop of believing i wasn’t being supported on my journey, because i wasn’t seing the money i needed to invest it in getting all the support i wanted to get. I was A. believing without them i couldn’t move forward in my healing; and B. I was allowing myself to fall for this trap, not realising God supports me (and you too) ALWAYS. The problem is His/Her support often times won’t look the way we were expecting it to look (expectations).

These past few days have shown me just this. How? By realising EVERYTHING is a mirror, giving me (and everyone) the pieces we need to heal. Every conversation we hold, every upset that arises within, every “something” that caughts our attention, every tantrum our children may throw, thou small, they all are always coming together to point us in the right direction. Everything, then, becomes this piece of a puzzle, that when combined with all those others, make a fraction of the bigger puzzle that is you, and that you are set out to figure out. It is only when that fraction is complete, that you move to the next one, and then the next one. This is how, each one after each one, we get to build ourselves, that “big puzzle” that we are. And is in those moments when we get a clear picture of who we are, that we move even closer to God, for we find His/Her perfection through our perfect designs.

Don’t ever be discouraged if things don’t seem to be going how you expected it to be. Rest in the knowing that you are in deed being provided with everything you need to heal, one bite at the time. Keep this in mind as you move forward, and i can assure you, you will succeed in your endevours, and in life overall.

“An upset isn’t there to tell you “you fucked up”. An upset is there to tell you: good job! Now work through this one". Jeff & Shaleia.

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