Claudia Figueroa

I have to tell everybody how sweet and perfect guidance Debo Bassow gave me! I was in a whirlwind of confusion with some recent events, I asked God and her name just appeared to me, so I contacted her...She just "hit the spot" right away, it took me few hours to have my "AHA moment" of all that I talked with her... something that has been blocking me my whole life from my true Life Purpose journey!, now I know where to go deeper.

If you need coaching she can help you as she did with me, and if you need it in Spanish she is the girl!

Nidia segovia

Thanks Debo! Your help was exactly what i needed. Thanks to you, i could finally clear my head and transform my thoughts into a more possitive ones, and i was able to start establishing better relations with my family and friends. I love talking to you, and again, thank you so much for showing me that everything has a solution.

eefje marjis

Debo helps me with finding and healing the blocks which causes my health issues. Till now we had 1 session and there wil follow a few more. After session one she send me a report. 
In our first session by messenger she helped find me a block from which i knew it existed ..but not how BIG it was. We did the mirror exersise and it helped me very much. Today we spoke about the report she sent me...Thinking about that conversation (few hours later) I got a new insight where i can do the ME. Talking and working with Debo helps me to get clarity where my healt issues came from. I feel realy positive about working with Debo.

Thanks Debo Bassow, you're so kind !

rachel schliep

Deb's sessions are terrific! She keeps things light with humor but also lovingly guides you through your blocks in a perspective that makes you stop and think..I recommend a session from her!

Denisa hidi

The Biodescodification Report I received from Debo is just stunning! It was just on-point, every single word! It revealed so many of my unconscious blocks and brought me immense clarity about the root causes of my health issues and what I need to mirror to heal myself!

Lata Sarkiva

I got The Biodescodification report from Debo. Absolutely worth!! It was to the point clearly indicated the areas of my life where I still holding on!! 
I had a wonderful session with humor. She lovingly guided me through my upsets and helped me a lot to surrender to God. 
I highly appreciate and definitely recommend your sessions. Lots of love. 

Luis Souto

I met Debo at work, and from the start she was always willing to lend an ear and listen to others. Her way of giving advice to those who seek it is straight-forward and precise, as she has a very pragmatical way of thinking. 
If a straight line is the shortest way between two dots, that´s the best way to defy Debo’s imputs: right to the core of the problem.