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from free resources to paid ones, everything you need is right here!

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Ready to take your first steps in investing on your journey? Check this amazing book written by my beloved Teacher’s Jeff & Shaleia!

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Do you desire to live your life with your Twin Flame? Do you want to feel fulfilled while working for yourself? We can help. In Toronto Talks, Jeff and Shaleia discuss the principles and means that have helped hundreds of students transform their lives.


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Want more? You desire to go deeper with this work? Make sure to check Sermons from Twin Flame Ascension School and Sermons from Life Purpose Class!

Find the best, juciest golden nuggets from these amazing schools. Allow yourself to receive the Divine Wisdom Jeff & Shaleia have shared with us throughout the course of the schools, finding the healing and the loving support you have been seeking for your journey.

These Sermons allow you to know this ground-braking work in a very intimate way, inviting you to create a true, deep and meaningful relationship with the School, it’s students and it’s content.

Visit the links to see the first 3 free Sermons, both from TFAS and LPC, and open yourself up to receiving these beatiful pearls of wisdom while having all of your questions answered.

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twin flame ascension school (TFAS) & Life Purpose Class (LPC).

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