There is no separation

I was reflecting on something i discussed the other day with a group of friends in regards to living in fear, pain and basically, survival mode.
And listening to it, i felt as if we were talking about animals. We’ve all seen or read about animal instict to survive, and how it even got into our brain’s development (the famous reptilian brain). But this idea of being separate from one another isn’t real. For some yet unknown reason to me, faaaaaar back in time, this one consciousness we all share in common (read Carl G. Jung), decided to go on it´s own to explore, but it forgot about where it came from.

Think about the first living cell there ever was... how it replicated and separated itself from the one that allowed the second one to exist.. now lets keep track of its replication, 1 into 2; 2 into 4; then 8; 16; 32; 64 and so on... suddenlty, there’s this crouded pond where resources al limited, and so one sets itself to develop better skills to survive, for it fears it will die. 
But in the whole universe, NOTHING ever gets destroyed, for everything is made out of energy, and energy only gets itself transformed.

Now, what if we fast forward to our present days? Are we really separated from one another, or are we connected to one another, if the source of our existence is the same one for everybody?

Wouldn’t it be better for each of us to realise we are not separated from each other, but rather, that we are -and always were- connected, we just needed to be reminded of this?

What miracles was humankind, and is, capable of when it comes together? 
What if, our pain is only a reminder of the joy we can find in life? And what if fear is only an illusion we’ve been believing existed, when it doens’t really exist?

I was reflecting on all this, and saw that when we create something, the staring point and the finished result only exist in this joyfull, blissful space. Pain is nowhere to be found, for it doensn’t exist in itself. Pain does not create, but only reminds us of something, something we don’t want vs that somehting we do want. 
How about fear? Fear in itself doesn´t exist either, for it can not create anything... didn’t created the rocks and trees in a forest, certainly didn’t created us, nor the paintings, buildings we admire, nor the music and plays that gets to us.
So, by ruling out pain, and fear, for they can not have created all that it exists... what’s left there? What power brings us together like no other? Which force has the power to overcome sorrow, pain, fear? Which power creates, instead of destroying?

But not the conditional one, for it asks of you to leave pieces of yourself behind, to settle -and it is always to settle for less than what you trully desire-. Conditional love, then, is not really love, is it?

How about unconditional love? The one that takes you as you are, with both your strengths and your weaknesses... And not only that, but it actually shows you your weaknesses, so you can overcome them, so you can finally open your eyes in seeing them for what they are: a lack of love all along.

For many years i allowed myself to become a cynic, believing Love wasn’t real, because i felt pain and fear. But today i don’t. 
I’m starting to see things for what they are, and i’m becoming more and more an advocate for love. For the love i’m feeeling for the people i care about, is far to big and obvious to keep denying Love’s existence.

I hope everyone will sooner than later choose to feel this Love for themselves, for it is always there, waiting for us to stop blinding ourselves to it, and just open our arms to embrace it. 
Love was never gone, it was us who left it behind, or hid from it. It’s time to stop doing that, and come back to it, for every single one of us was created from Love’s joyful spark, and that´s the sense of "being Home", of completion, we all look to achieve in our lives.

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