Light is easy to love

“Light is easy to love. Show me your darkness”
R. Queen

Someone told me, not so long ago, that it is hard for them to fall in love. 
I don’t think falling in love is actually the hard part. Opening up to Love is, because for the longest time, we believed it was love the one that hurted us. But is not true, the lack of love did. 
We all have thoughts like: “What if i get hurt?” “What if they see who i trully am, and don’t love me anymore?”. “How would they love me?” How could someone love me?”, “I’m not good enough...(and never will be)”.

often times we are afraid of being brave and have the courage to open ourselves to love, so we don’t allow ourselves To feel it, embrace it, and share it. we don’t allow ourselves To open and let someone come so close, they can look deep into our core, and see those parts we were hiding ourselves from since as long as we can remember. Those so called “monsters” we carry within ourselves, and we think they are so horrible and hidious, that noone could ever love them, basically, because we don’t seem to find a way to accept them as part of us, and in consecuence, love us for who we actually are.
both –light and “dark”- makes us the person that we are, and regardless of how that may look, we all deserve to be loved. 

we are always enough. everything about us is alredy perfect. so what if there are parts we would like them to be different? don’t we have the power to change it? to love it? to accept it?

We waste valuable time -and resources- building up walls to keep the people we love out, thinking we are safer if we keep everybody else on the other side of those walls, on arms length. all, while we continuously choose to hear the voice of self-loath instead of the one of self-love.

The sad part is that, even when we actually meet someone who can love us in both in all that we are, we still fool ourselves, or let fear get in the way, instead of realizing we may just have found everything we were looking for our whole lifes: Someone who can love us in such a way, they actually teach and help us how to fully embrace ourselves.

* I’d like to dedicate this, to the one whose hugs showed me what “Home” feels like. *

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